Wluper Raises $1.3 Million For Conversational AI Tool


London-based tech startup Wluper which is working on the development of a conversational AI tool which will help boost the ability of knowledge-based voice assistants has secured a seed funding. Venture Capital firm which backs "deep tech" firm IQ Capital led the investment round. Seedcamp, Aster, and Magic Pony co-founder Dr. Zehan Wang also participated in the investment round.

The company said that it will use the fresh funding to hire more engineers and research scientists with an aim to expand their research and development abilities. Started in 2016 by Hami Bahraynian, Maurice von Sturm, and Nikolai Rozanov, the company was initially had raised funds from InMotion Ventures, an investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover. The company is targeting specific segments like navigation where it is building a voice assistant in that domain.

Wluper Team

Hami Bahraynian, one of the co-founders talking about the firm said, “When we think of intelligent assistants like Alexa or Siri, the only time you’ll believe they’re really good is if they understand you properly; most of the time, they simply can’t."

Bahraynian commenting on the current issues with the voice assistants says that "extracting and providing relevant and useful information from the right places is more challenging, and with current mostly ruled-based approaches, ultimately impossible to scale."

Talking further he says that currently, we need “intelligent agents” as the general conversational AI development will take a lot of time. At Wluper, Bahraynian says they're doing that. “We build domain-expert conversational intelligence, which does one thing, understanding everything transport-related, but that one thing perfectly”," he said.


Image Courtesy : techlondon,techcrunch

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