VMware Acquires Bitnami For An Undisclosed Amount


VMware, the San Francisco based virtualization company has announced that it is acquiring, Bitnami, the company which offers application packaging solutions for an undisclosed sum. Bitnami graduated from Y Combinator's winter class of 2013.

As VMware wants to be a cloud service company, the deal will help them deliver more than 130 popular software packages in a number of formats like Docker containers or virtual machine. Bitnami was launched in 2011 by Daniel Lopez and Erica Brescia. The firm had raised just around $1.1 million in seed financing since its inception.

BitnamiBoth the founders through a blog post said that “We realized that if we wanted to continue to grow we would have to raise money, as building an enterprise salesforce is not easy to do when you are bootstrapped. As part of the fundraising process, we were approached by several vendors in the space to make strategic investments or, in some cases, join forces. While this was not our original goal, as part of the conversations that we had during this process, we realized that VMware would be the ideal partner for us.”

VMware general manager of cloud services Milin Desai and general manager of cloud-native applications Paul Fazzone through a press release said, “Upon close, we will continue to invest in Bitnami’s suite of products and projects, as well as help[ing] our customers to build and deploy applications more quickly and easily. Further, Bitnami will be able to augment our existing efforts to deliver a curated marketplace to VMware customers that offer a rich set of applications and development environments, in addition to infrastructure software.”

It’s an interesting deal for both the firm and it will be worth waiting to see how VMware manages to leverage the expertise of Bitnami in the coming months.


Image Courtesy : pelegit.co, bitnami

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