Spanish Firm Picker Raises Seed Funding


Barcelona, Spain-based Picker, the app that gives recommendations to the users to follow, discover and buy products from the segment of people that they follow has announced securing €1.3 million in seed financing. Berlin’s Btov has made the latest investment in the company.

Prior to this round, the firm had picked another funding in the form of seed investment. Reus Capital Partners, Lanal Partners and Albert Armengol had co-invested in the company in 2019 when they put €650K. The current chunk takes the total amount raised by the firm now stands nearly €2 million.

Picker was founded in 2017 by Daniel Ramos, Conan Moriarty, and Enric Gabarró as a platform that provides a marketplace where users can see products as per the recommendations of the users and influencers that they follow. The company has an iOS and Android app which is currently operative in Spain, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The firm notes that their global sale is going to cross over €2 million at the end of this year and they also plan to launch in more countries in the times to come.

Enric Gabarró, the CEO and co-founder of the firm talking about the company said that “We live in a world where buying online is an overcrowded experience, [and] good products are hidden under a mountain of junk. Try searching for a camera on the biggest seller online, you will get more than 200,000 results. Which one is best for you? It is impossible to know; reviews are anonymous and not related to you. As I always say, Picker is for finding the best products for you, because one trusted person beats 500 reviews”.

There are big players like Instagram and Pinterest and in Asia, there’s Pinduoduo which targets more on offering discounts. Gabarró believes that while these platforms are social media-driven, Picker is completely aligned with the users. ““We are 100% aligned with the users, we want them to enter the app, find the product they want to buy or share and then leave the platform. We want to help them find the best fit for them as fast as possible without being addicted to our platform. Our focus on discovering products with social leverage is the key differentiator,” he adds.

It will be interesting to see how the platform uses the latest investment and impresses more investors and fetches more capital in the further rounds.


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