Robot Maker Boston Dynamics Acquire Robotic Logistic Solutions Maker Kinema Systems

Boston Dynamics

Massachusetts-based dynamic robot maker company Boston Dynamics has announced that it is acquiring Menlo Park based Kinema Systems which offers an advanced robotic solution for logistics. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed by both the involved parties.

Kinema Systems uses deep learning technologies and vision sensors in order to pick up and manipulate boxes. Sachin Chitta had founded Kinema Systems who now as part of the acquisition will be joining Boston Dynamics as the managing director of the firm.

Boston Dynamics is owned by SoftBank who had acquired the firm in 2017. The company was founded by Marc Raibert in 1992. Boston Dynamics had recently launched a robot named Handle which was used for moving boxes between shelves with a suction System.

Kinema Systems

Raibert, the CEO of Boston Dynamics commenting on the development said, “Bringing the Kinema team into Boston Dynamics expands our perception and learning capabilities while the Pick product accelerates our entry into the logistics market. Beyond being a powerful tool for industrial robotic arms, Kinema technology will help our mobile manipulation robots tackle a wide variety of complex real-world tasks.”

Chitta, the CEO, and founder of Kinema Systems commenting on the acquisition noted that “Boston Dynamics’ reputation for innovation fits perfectly with our mission of developing the next generation of vision-enabled warehouse robots.” As part of the deal, the robotic arm of the Kinema System is getting rebranded as Boston Dynamics Pick System.

Michael Perry, Boston Dynamics’ VP of Business Development talking about the deal to Techcrunch said, “One of the things that’s exciting about the Kinema acquisition is that they’ve already been in the production environment that’s very specific to warehouses and logistics. They’ve already been through the process of figuring out what are some of the site-specific issues we need to incorporate into our design. Everything from comms to perception to safety. All of these different factors are now filtering into the design of the robot.”


Image Courtesy : New Atlas, Kinema Systems

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