Microsoft To Acquire Github As It Moves Towards Open Source


Tech giant Microsoft Corp has reportedly acquired the code repository company Github which is massively popular among the programmers. Microsoft on Monday has confirmed the GitHub deal valued at $7.5 billion.

Interestingly, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the person who impressed Github with his regular views on coding and coders. Nadella has been working on a number of coding initiatives ever since he took charge as the CEO of the company. The above mentioned quality of Nadella made sure Github chose to go with Microsoft instead of getting listed as an IPO.

Interestingly, Github has been looking to find a CEO for last nine months. In August last year, they had announced that they were looking for a CEO. The deal can well get them one. The last valuation of the yet-to-be-profitable firm was $2 billion back in 2015.

Github Founders

Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, Tom Preston Werner had founded the hosting service platform in 2008 which allows the programmers to share their projects and codes on the web, eventually helping them collaborate with multiple users and keep the versioning as well using Git. The platform has contributors like Apple, Amazon, Google apart from Microsoft.

Interestingly, Microsoft is one of the biggest contributors to Github but in the initial days, Microsoft was against the idea of open source software development. The company currently has hosted around 80 million repositories of code from 27 million software developers from across the world.

Ever since Nadella took over the reigns of the company, he has been actively investing in open source technology and the move of Microsoft to take over Github can well be a masterstroke from the CEO.


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