App Maker For Smart Home Devices Kraftful Bags $1 Million


San Francisco-based Kraftful, the company that develops smart home devices has announced raising $1 million in a fresh round of financing. The round has been led by a number of backers that include Google Assistant Investments Program, YCombinator, F7 Ventures, Cleo Capital, Zume Pizza founder Julia Collins, CrowdFlower co-founder Lukas Biewald, Perceptio co-founder Nicolas Pinto.

Before this round, the firm had got $150K in a seed round capital from Y Combinator last year. It was part of the summer class of Y Combinator as well. Founded in 2019 by Nicky Leach and Yana Welinder, the firm develops smart home apps that control the smart home.

Yana Welinder, the co-founder of the firm while speaking to Techcrunch said, “If you look at some of the leading smart lock apps, they all have very… very similar interfaces. They’ve basically gotten to standardized user experience, but they’ve all be developed individually. So all of these companies are spending the resources designing and developing these apps, but they’re not getting the benefit of being standardized across the board and being able to leverage data from all of these apps to be able to improve them all at once”

App for both iOS and Android are available and makes it for the brand’s needs that are powered with cloud functionality like push notifications and activity history. It will be interesting to see how the firm utilizes the freshly raised capital to offer its functionalities to more customers and on a bigger scale.


Image courtesy : Rush Hour Daily

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