Workspace Platform Range Gets Funding From General Catalyst And Others


San Francisco-based Range, the workspace software firm has announced picking up $6 million in seed round funding led by General Catalyst. First Round Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Biz Stone, and Ellen Pao are the other backers who have participated in this round of funding.Prior to this round, the firm had raised $2.5 million in another seed round financing from undisclosed backers in 2017. Upside Partnership and Precursor Ventures are the other backers of the firm.

Range was founded in 2017 by Braden Kowitz, Dan Pupius, and Jennifer Dennard as a platform to help teams work collaboratively. The platform helps smaller company teams to work together, grow closer and at the same time track their progress on the tasks that are assigned to them. The founders of the firm come from massive experiences of working with some of the big names like Medium, and GV, the firm has utilized that experience to make customers like Twitter, Carta, and Mozilla.

Pupius, while speaking to Techcrunch about the company said, “I left Google to join Medium with [Ev Williams and Biz Stone], and we were experimenting with a bunch of different organizational practices, really trying to answer the question of why do companies get worse as they get bigger and could we deploy different management practices at Medium in order to prevent that issue. Through that journey, we started building internal tools and we kind of saw this opportunity for software to intentionally encode a lot of the organizational processes or values, and then towards the end of my tenure at Medium, I reconnected with Braden and Jen and we just essentially decided to tackle the problem together.”

The platform has already built the integration support for other platforms like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Jira, GitHub, Trello, Quip, Figma. It will be interesting to see how the firm utilizes the fresh funds and expertise of people from General Catalyst and others.


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