Prop-tech Startup Zaasna Raises Rs. 2 Cr In Seed Financing


Zaasna Proptech, the Bangalore based company which wants to disrupt the real estate industry has bagged around $2.8 million (Rs 2 crore) in seed financing from Udacity chief operating officer Lalit Singh and Microsoft worldwide support leader Sanjay Sharma. A number of other investors from Singapore, Middle East, and the US also participated in the round. The fresh funds will help Zaasna improve its offerings along with working towards the technological infrastructure. Funds will also allow the firm in hiring more staff.

The platform was launched in 2018 by Arvind Kadam. The company is trying to build a one-stop transaction platform for all Real Estate needs. It allows home-buyers to search for listed properties, properties, and schedule site visits, make payments online, digitally sign documents, and apply for a home loan using the platform. Notably, the firm recently joined hands with Switchme and NestAway in order to reach more home-buyers.

Kadam talking on the funding said, “Today’s India is looking towards online services for convenience and safety and we aim to provide just that while they want to buy a piece of real estate.” Kadam added that the Zaasna will help the NRIs buy properties in the country as well.

Udacity COO Lalit Sing commenting on the funding said, “India’s real estate industry had been sorely lacking in the transparency and ease of process that Zaasna delivers. Its implementation of technology has reached the pinnacle of real estate research and purchase. Transforming a previously cumbersome process of buying property into a virtually painless one is just what we need.”


Image Courtesy : Zaasna

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