Microsoft and Ola to join hands for a connected car platform !

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Ola which is a Bangalore based taxi aggregator partnered with the US based Microsoft. The purpose being to connect a car platform for car manufacturers.

Viewing at the partnership, Ola has now decided to use Microsoft Azure while featuring Ola Play which is used by Ola customers for their entertainment. Satya Nadella who is the CEO of Microsoft had visited India. He said, “Today’s car is quickly becoming the ultimate computing device and together with Ola, we are focused on providing more intelligent, connected and productive experiences to our customers”

ola This partnership will transform driver and passenger   experiences with vehicle diagnostics, improve in-car   productivity, advance navigation and more. Both   companies plan to take this platform to car   manufacturers globally, to integrate vehicle systems.

 During rides, customers will be able to use Office 365   and Skype and other office tools too.

“With Ola Play we have already set the tone for connected vehicles in India. Together with Microsoft, we can make the new platform available to a larger, global audience and unlock futuristic experiences for customers worldwide.” Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola said.

“The combination of Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and our AI platform with Ola Play will deliver new customer experiences and business opportunities across the automotive ecosystem.” Nadella added.

This partnership is surely another step towards complementing office with travel.

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