The Browser Company Picks $5 Million To Make Tesla Of Web Browsers

The Browser Company

The Browser Company, the startup that is building a web browser to compete with Google Chrome has announced securing $5 million in a fresh round of financing led by a few high profile names like LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner, Medium’s Ev Williams, Figma’s Dylan Field, Notion’s Akshay Kothari, and GitHub’s Jason Warner.

Founded by former White House's director of product Joshua Miller who assisted during Barack Obama's US presidency, the company wants to end the domination of Google Chrome in the browser industry.

While the firm has not yet come out in public and launched the product but it claims to be making a browser with more flexible interfaces of modern web apps. Google has been the leader in the segment and has gone way ahead of the likes of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. The firm had revealed in 2016 that it has over 2 billion active installs of the product and since then, the numbers have grown significantly.

Speaking to TechCrunch Miller says that “I think one of the reasons that web browsers have remained somewhat stagnant in terms of their functionality is that the business model is built on top of is one of search ad revenue. I think of Chrome and Safari as Toyotas or Hondas. They’re reliable, they’re affordable, they’re accessible and they’re simple. We’re trying to build the Tesla of web browsers.”

The company plans to launch the beta version of the product at the end of the year. Let’s see if we get to see the Tesla of web browsers and moreover, if it can win us the way Tesla has.


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