After pleasing Mumbaikars, UberEATS now launches in Delhi- starting from Gurugram

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After pleasing Mumbaikars, UberEATS now launches in Delhi- starting from Gurugram

Uber, which is famous for their quick and convenient cab service, entered the food delivery field on demand. It launched UberEATS in Mumbai on 1st of May, 2017. Mumbaikars drooled over their service which gave them an edge for a standalone. They then came up with the idea of sprinkling their magic on the Capital of India - Delhi.

Starting from Gurugram, UberEATS will provide a delivery option to Delhi restaurants. They have partnered with over 300 restaurants in Gurugram.

Bhavik Rathod, Head of UberEATS India said “UberEATS has received an overwhelming response from Mumbaikars and we recently expanded operations to serve the entire city. As a step further in our global expansion strategy, we aim to open up the diverse range of culinary experiences and cuisines to Delhiites at the push of a button. Our goal is to offer people what they want to eat, when they want to eat, in the quickest time possible. The ease and reliability of Uber’s technology is making this a reality.” Faiz Abdulla has been appointed as the General Manager for UberEATS in Delhi. He will be working on courier and restaurant partners, and also customer experience.

UberEATS – Over the Globe

UberEATS now stands as a highly recommended and used app over 27 countries, including INDIA, and 97 cities around the globe. It also claims to have about 40,000 restaurant partners all over.

This is how UberEATS works!

UberEATS lets the customer schedule the order, order by taking diet into consideration. It has an estimated delivery time of 35 minutes. Also, unlike other apps, UberEATS lets the customer live track the delivery which will be done through two wheelers. It has varying delivery charges, example Mumbaikars have to pay Rs. 15 whereas Delhiites will have to pay Rs. 25.

As food delivery is getting more and more convenient day by day, restaurants in India are getting more opportunities to upgrade, as on the other hand, customers are getting better services, which is in the end the whole point anyway.

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