Maharashtra Startup Week – A Huge Platform For Innovative Ideas

Maharashtra Startup Week

You won't get to see governments come to help the entrepreneurs or the startups very often. However, the current Maharashtra Government has sketched a plan to help the startups and innovative ideas grow in the state.

Earlier in the year, the government announced a policy where it organized various events in order to encourage the innovative ideas in the technology field.

The government has come up with a platform called Maharashtra Startup Week. Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS) is organizing the event which will start on 25th of June through which the government is trying to bring young entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and mentors together. Around 100 startups will be showcasing their ideas and solutions to the Maharashtra government during the week-long event.

Startup Week-Maharashtra


Who Can Apply

The government is targeting a few domains where they want different ideas and solutions to help the masses of the state. Agriculture, healthcare and governance are the few top categories where the government wants the entrepreneurs to come up with special ideas. Human capital (education and skills), smart cities (infrastructure and mobility), sustainability (clean energy, water conservation, and waste management), and fintech and cybersecurity are the other domains where the government is looking for top-class ideas and solutions. The startups venturing in the above-mentioned fields can explore the possible opportunity to present their idea in front of top government officials, investors, incubators. The best startups from all the domains will receive up to Rs 15 lakh from the Maharashtra State Innovation Society in order to carry out the pilot project in the state itself.

The government will assist the top startups in running the pilot for around 6 to 12 months where their institutional partners like Tata Trusts’ Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE) and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE) will assist the startups. Investors like Investor bodies such as Mumbai Angels and Indian Angel Network have partnered with the Government of Maharashtra where they will think of funding the top 100 finalists. The top 100 will also have the opportunity to join the incubators like NASSCOM 10000Startups and Digital Impact Square (DISQ).

So if you’re venturing in the above-mentioned domain, apply for the Maharashtra Startup week by June 5, 2018. If you think you and your company can bring the change, send an email to today. Or you could reach out to Tanmay Pai (+91-9819991091) or Umesh Balwani (+91-9403057888) for further details.

Video : Honourable CM of Maharashtra Talks about Maharashtra Startup Week


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