Reward Your Favorite Programmer Through Github’s Sponsors


Open source code hosting service provider platform Github, the Microsoft-owned company has announced the launching of Sponsors, a feature which allows the users to help the open-source developers and coders with recurring monthly payments.

Suppose you're using your favorite code repository and you really appreciate the developers and programmers for their efforts, you can actually reward them financially through this new feature called Sponsors. Github will put a “Sponsor me” button the profile of the programmers or developers and the users can pay any amount they wish to. GitHub says that this will help the open source community “expands the opportunities to participate in and build on open source.” Notably, the feature will not be open to all and the interested developers will have to sign up for the Sponsors beta first.

Interestingly, this will not only help the developers or programmers but also the contributors who contribute in the documentation of the project. Notably, there won't be any fees to use the program as Microsoft will bear the payment processing costs for the first year.

Speaking on the same with Techcrunch, the firm said, “Today, GitHub Sponsors will be launching in beta to get ahead of such concerns. Through this beta, we’re actively listening to how folks are using the new program. We want to better understand how the program evolves and how we can best scale the framework of the program to enable opportunities for everyone to participate in and build on open source.”

It will be interesting to see how the programmers and developers community responds on the same once the feature goes public.


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