Amazon Go Stores Are Coming To Chicago And San Francisco

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Remember we had updated you about the Amazon’s cashier-less store which was opened in Seattle targeting the company employees. Now, after running the pilot for a while, the e-commerce giant is ready to launch the stores in a few more places. San Francisco and Chicago are getting ready to welcome to cashier-less Go stores. The details come as the company has opened job positions related to Go Stores in the above-mentioned cities.

The one opened store is in Seattle which the company opened in the month of January earlier in the year. As per reports, Amazon has bought some massive spaces for the store in Union Square in San Francisco.

Well, what makes them special is that to buy anything, all you need is the app of the company, scan it while you enter the store and pick up whatever you want to.

With no cashier, things are not easy. However, with a massive number of cameras keeping an eye pan-store while the customers do their shopping, the experience by the firm so far is good and that's the exact reason the company has decided to open stores in the areas where the population is massive.

Amazon CashierLess Store

You don’t have to stand in the long queues after purchasing whatever you needed. Go Stores’ main motive is to provide customers a seamless shopping experience without the hassle of billing which will be done through the mobile app of the company.

However, it’s not that there won’t be any human in the stores working for the company. There will be people to guide; there will be security guards and people to move the groceries around and other products in the store. Just that, no cashier’s to tell you to stand in the queue. It will save your time.

So If you’re in San Francisco next time, do check out if the stores are open, and if so, go shop.


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