Dorian Scores $3.25 Million In Seed Funding


Dorian, the San Francisco-based startup that is empowering fiction writers and storytellers like content writers through its platform has announced securing $3.25 million in seed capital. The round has been led by March Capital Partners with support from VGames, Konvoy Ventures, London Venture Partners, Michael Chow (co-creator of the Twitch series “Artificial”), Andover Ventures, and talent management company Night Media.

Notably, the firm had earlier raised $2 million in another seed round last year as well. The current investment takes the total amount raised by the firm to $5.3 million. The firm also announced that former Twitch vice president of partnerships, John Howell, has joined the board of the firm.

Dorian was launched in 2018 by Jordan Lee and Julia Palatovska as a no-code platform that allows non-tech fiction writers and storytellers to present their story in a personalized interactive approach in order to connect with the masses.

The firm claims that the writers took only a couple of iterations to improve monetization by 70% when they ran tests involving around 50,000 players. The firm currently is invite-only but wants to launch on a bigger scale soon.

Gregory Milken, the co-founder and managing partner at March Capital commenting on the financing noted that Dorian’s success in creating an interactive platform that values storytelling while prioritizing monetization for its writers is a game-changer. Julia and her team are creating a community that is primed to capture the attention of today’s influential but underrepresented audiences of diverse content creators.”


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