New York Startup HEVO Power Is Taking Wireless Charging To Next Level

HEVO Power

How often you find yourself at the wrong end because of phone or laptop battery drained out. The troubled time becomes a big pain when there is no way around to get the mobile or laptop get charged instantly. Notably, not just mobile phones or laptops phase the trouble. The latest electric cars which run on the battery too find themselves broken as the battery gets drained.

New York City based Hevo Power is working out on a solution, the firm is offering a wireless charging network which they want to make it a standard across the globe when it is about charging electric vehicles.

Hevo Power

Jeremy McCool, the co-founder of the firm talked about their main offering and their future growth plans with web portal CleanTechnica. McCool feels that current way of getting the vehicle is painful. The car owners need to purchase extra charging adaptors in order to make sure that they can charge the vehicle at all the charging points. According to McCool, the products of Hevo give you a guarantee that if you are stationed at any wireless charging point, the charging will be done.

Jeremy McCool, Steve Monks had founded the firm in 2011. McCool has worked with the US Army as a captain. Talking further about the launch of the product, McCool said that they will launch it by the final quarter of 2018.

Hevo Team

McCool says that the company is targeting to capture 30% – 50% of the $7 Billion wireless electric vehicle charging industry by 2025. For the moment, McCool says that they will offer the products to few private players but by 2021, they will have their products installed on a number of electric vehicles.


Image Courtesy : Hevo 

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