Boeing Announces Horizonx India Innovation Challenge With T-Hub

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Boeing HorizonX

Steve Nordlund, who is the Vice President of Boeing Horizonx announces Horizonx India Innovation Challenge where he also says that India is the best place for this and Hyderabad, more of all, is the best place. With faster growing opportunities for companies to grow here and Startup India which is a Government of India initiative, this challenge will foster growth in the Startup Ecosystem as it is a perfect scenario for them, Steve says.

Boeing has identified 9 different areas on which they want the startups to focus on. Namely passenger experience, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and all aerospace aspects which can make Boeing better and more productive.

This challenge will run for over a next several months, says Steve. This will help the companies to engage, whereas T-Hub will be holding a reach-out programme in 5 different cities In India itself, and all these companies will come back to Hyderabad, more like finalists.


Pratyush Kumar, President of Boeing-India says when asked about this challenge’s effect on the Supply Chain of Boeing, “This challenge will surely energize the supply chain force as well as it is going to energize our people. As you know, we are scaling up our engineering force to almost 3,000 people here in India. Our partners and suppliers build the capabilities. We also talk about closing the capability gap from components to fully integrated systems.”

“So we bring our expertise on the table, help them through this period. It gets to the best of both worlds-the entrepreneur strength in India and Boeing’s experience. In the last 5 years, we have seen the private companies running full steam ahead, they are investing. This is a transformation. Historically, aero space was dynamically only for public sector units, now privates are coming and giving their best.”

Jay Krishnan from T-Hub says that they are very excited about this because in the eyes of the world, India has finally begun to move, Hyderabad has started a make an impact, and T-Hub catalyzes all that. India has now become a laboratory when it comes to anything related to Innovation. The beauty of this challenge that fundamental science, a very different light from marketing and e-commerce is going to make a paradigm shift.

Steve on the other hand says that India is a country which has embraced digital transformation. The Government also makes it friendlier to come here and operate.


After the challenge will be done, Boeing will nurture the selected startups by sending them expertise, coaching and mentoring. They also run a mentor fund which will help them to invest in these companies in the future.

Pratyush when asked about Boeing’s next step from India’s point of view said, “ We continue to grow in India, we want to sustain our growth rate from the last three years. We want to increase our footprint in Engineering system and want to keep growing in India as much as possible.

The startups who have ideas or plans to nurture aerospace should join this challenge and fly with Boeing!

Image Courtesy- Financial Express, Eventbrite, HyderabadEvents

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