Alaska Airlines To Offer VR Experience In The Air Through Skylight’s VR Headsets

Alaska Airline - Skylight VR Headset

People always find it tough, boring and tiring when it comes to long-hour flights. Washington-headquartered Alaska Airlines plans to curb these troubles of their passenger by adding virtual reality during their flight time in the in-flight entertainment menu.

The firm has announced that it will partner with Skylights, an immersive-media firm which offers VR headsets and noise-cancelling headphones. The airline firm will offer the services in their pilot program for the first 10 flights that go between Seattle and Boston, and Boston and San Diego. Notably, the service will be offered to first-class passengers of the airlines.

On the flights, the passengers can enjoy 2D and 3D movies like “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” or “Ready Player One using the Allosky VR headset which also allows the passengers to watch a number of forward-facing 360-degree videos, with topics ranging from classical music to acrobatics and free diving.

Skylights was launched two years back after it got support from YCombinator’s accelerator program where it aimed to make VR an entertainment method for the airlines in order to help the passengers. Notably, the VR headsets by the firm have been already been provided to their passengers by a few airlines like Joon, XL Airways and Lufthansa.

David Scotland, Alaska Airlines’ manager of in-flight entertainment and connectivity through a blog post said that he was excited to witness the technology in the flight.  “I was impressed with SkyLights’ Allosky headset early on, as it’s the smallest, lightest and most stylish-looking headset in the in-flight entertainment market," he said through the blog post.

Interestingly, Scotland termed the experiment as a small pilot program and iterated that they are not making it a commitment that they will use the VR headsets on every flight and provide the same to all the customers.


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